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Hi Ron, it sure sounds like you have been putting a lot of work into that little bike! When Honda made them I'm sure they put the bare minimum electronics on the thing just to make them street legal. Back in the day there were far fewer drivers, slower vehicles and people weren't in such a hurry. Thus, a 6 volt system was adequate. Now you the brightest signals you can get so people see you.

With all my experience riding classic bikes I have to recommend bright clothing, using hand signals and just trying to stay our of the way of dense traffic. I'm sure you are a safe rider but just be careful out there on the little bike. They are sure slow and are just meant for cruising. I live in an area with a lot of hills and traffic speeds have increased in the last ten years. I still have my little classic bikes but I only roll them out for car shows or for show.

Have fun with it!
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