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Default Intorduce myself

My name is Ron Brown and I have a 63 CA95 that I will someday restore. It's an early model that has been in my family it's whole life. You would think that it would be in great condition with my family it's only owners but sadly that is not the case. Probably 35 years ago my brother it a tree with it and bent the front forks. It took a long time for my father to find parts and the guy he had put it back together gave it a really crappy paint job. I have acquired a few replacement parts over the years getting ready for a restore. The bike currently runs good and my 18 year old son just got his permit and has been riding it with me on my Honda Pacific Coast riding along. I've modernized it a little with the prospects of my son riding it. I've added turn signals and a front brake switch. The front brake switch came from a 73 bike and the turn signals I had to piece together. The turn signal switch was the hardest part. I found a switch that was supposed to be headlight HI/Low/OFF with a two position kill switch and horn. When I received it I realized it was for a smaller diameter handle bar. I gutted the switch and ground it out to fit the bigger bars of the CA95 and refitted the switch components and turned the three position headlight switch into the turn signals and the two position kill switch into the hi/low for the headlight not needing and off position. The switch matches perfectly with the style of the original since it came of a early 70's Honda. The new switch housing and the new front brake lever with switch gave me the added plus of both having mirror mounts. Unfortunately the left was 8mm and the right 10mm. But forcing a 8mm helicoil in the 10mm hole let me mount a 8mm mirror so both mirrors match. It's a fun little bike to run around town on but when 55 to 60 mph is the max speed you don't tend to go very far. It took a while to get permission from the forum, I look forward to following along.
Ron Brown
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