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More to come later.

These were not that easy to install at all. I don't recommend putting these on yourself. Most importantly you won't get any support for these in the event that they fail or break. These Powerboards are somewhat complicated and have a lot of moving parts. It would really be a bummer if one were to fail on you and you had a set of non-working boards. There is the potential that the bracket could break because of a bad mounting surface, a mounting surface that isn't exactly in alignment with the brackets (one broke on me like this!), a bad motor or a bad computer module. All of these potential breakages are expensive and if you have them installed a verified dealer then they can warranty the bad part out and help you fix them really easy. If you buy these online and install them yourself you are totally on your own when it comes to troubleshooting and repair. These are something you want to depend on everyday and you don't want them to break under your weight when you are stepping into your truck. Please have a dealer install these for you and avoid all the hassle. Mine broke right off the bat and if I didn't have a good relation with an installation shop I would be up $&:t creek if you know what I mean.
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