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Just to give my fellow Aprilia troubleshooters here the complete background on my particular bike I composed the following:

My 2000.5 Mille was hesitating badly at 3500-6000 rpm off the throttle and while just barely cracking up the throttle. It never back fired at all. My battery is topped off and my cables are tight. One time last year I did tighten up my negative cable and it worked fine for a while but now it's back. It bucks and misses every .5-1.0 second but I am still able to ride it home without much hassle. It's just really annoying and when I put the engine under a load it accelerates without hardly any hesitation at all. I have the Titanium Eprom chip that came with the Aprilia Titanuim slip-on. The current exhuast system is an Akroprovic full titanium race system with a non-restrictive carbon fiber muffler. Other than that it's all stock. I changed the plugs a little while back and that didn't solve anything.
  • Should I replace the ground cable?
  • Are my coils going bad?
  • Spark plug wires going bad?
  • Fuel pump going out maybe?
  • Could a sensor be faulty?
Bike has 32,000 miles on it. Besides changing the oil, filters, spark plugs and clutch I've never had to do anything to the engine. I've put 4 tanks of fuel in the bike since it's been hesitating every now and then so it's not bad gas. I keep a Noco Genius charger on the battery all the time. Swapping parts out on cars to fix the problem is cheap but Aprilia parts are a bit more expensive to be fixing things that way.

It feels like the spark is cutting out because it just misses badly often but continues to spin. It will idle fine without dying so it only hesitates over 1500 rpm + but like I said if I put a load on it the engine accelerates smoothly. So if I have to ride it home I let off the throttle then accelerate to 80mph, let off and coast then apply the throttle to 80 again etc. It's painful to hold it at 5000rpm at the speed limit and ride with the misfiring.
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