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Unread 11-18-2006, 12:13 AM
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  1. Pull off the distributors and make sure they aren't melted down before you buy the engine!!!
  2. Then cut the belt off of the water pump and try to spin it by hand.

If you see an engine for sale there is a reason. Hopefully the reason is that it was from a wrecked car. But the engine could have had the waterpump seize up and therefore, melt the thing down. I was sent an engine that fell under this catagory... POS!! But I'm replacing most everything anyways so as long as the valves aren't melted and the pistons and rings are good... no sweat.

So heed my warning. Never trust a guy trying to sell you an engine out of a junk yard. Just pop off the distributor covers and spin the water pump pulley if you can. It's quick and easy. Another person told me of an engine that was melted down even more as the owner drove it into the ground way past the red zone on the engine temperature gauge. The cause was also a seized water pump.

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