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The Honda CA95 / Benly 150 Restoration The little brother to the CA160 in our family of Hondas

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Unread 09-24-2015, 09:49 AM
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Default Ignition Timing problem

I have finally identified the cause of my timing problems with my 64 C95. I thought I would share in case anyone else has similar problems.

I would set the points then set the timing statically. I would then check with a timing light and find that at idle the timing was about half way to full advance and when revved it would go beyond full advance.

I recently discovered that I could move the ignition rotor up and down by hand. I checked that the rotor was on properly, which it was so stripped the engine down to discover the main bearing had significant vertical play. Turns out the bearing was fine but after pulling the cam chain sprocket off I found that the inner race is loose on the crank. I think that I will be able to recover it with bearing fit locative but have put my spare crank in for now.

Now the timing works fine now idles on the static timing point and doesn't go beyond full advance

My engine is a twin bearing crank with roller bearings but it could effect the three bearing cranks too.

Nice to be back on the road again and it runs a lot sweeter.

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Unread 09-24-2015, 08:31 PM
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Way to go troubleshooting the problem and thanks for sharing your experience. That's valuable info and could help someone else down the road. Glad to hear your C95's running sweeter too - always a great feeling to motor down the road with the wind in your teeth after doing all that work.
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