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2005 Suzuki (Kawasaki) RMZ 250 Motocross Just decided to take on a project that I couldn't resist - the price was right.

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Unread 03-07-2013, 01:26 AM
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All back together. Now wasn't that easy? The key is to not lose anything. It's just a single cylinder engine. Most people are capable of rebuilding these themselves. If you need some help understanding the terms be sure and Google around to learn anything you could possibly imagine on the subject.

A word or two of advice:
  • Get a service manual somehow
  • Take pictures of things as you take them apart
  • Put things in Zip-Lock bags to keep track of them
  • Label your intake and exhaust valve assemblies and SHIMS while disassembling
  • Check Youtube for how-to vids on checking valve clearance
  • Torque specs are very important don't guess
  • Look for information or videos how to inspect cylinders and pistons
  • When in doubt take the engine to a pro for advice
If you have any doubts about anything you might think is a bad scratch in the cylinder or something like a bad crack somewhere please take it to a machinist to get some good advice. Don't waste time and money putting an engine back together when you have doubts. More damage can result.

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