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I am currently rebuilding a 160 engine for a friend and used the Eastwood paint for the case, cylinder, head, side covers and small parts. While Spokes has better technique than I do, I am very pleased with my results. I have used about 1/2 quart to paint essentially two engines.
As far as durability I wanted the characteristics tested for by Spokes. I prepped the usual way and let the parts heat up in the Fl afternoon sun prior to and post painting. I used a $14 Harbor Freight HVLP gun at about 45 psi, mixed per the instructions and some medium reducer added for my conditions. I sprayed a tack coat and then two "medium wet" coats. I'd estimate the parts were in excess if 125 deg F when I sprayed them.
Unfortunately on a last pass I got a bit of water in the line and the finish on one side cover fisheyed badly. The next day I decided to throw the cover into the bead blast cabinet and restrip it. 20 minutes later and with only the size of a silver dollar removed I decided the stuff was pretty tough. I reached for another side cover and stripped and painted it with a much nicer result. It took much less time that way.
Additionally I sprayed parts separately, prior to mock up and final assembly. The finish takes dirty fingers and cleans up with just a wipe and after final assembly no touch up was required. I prefer this technique over the assemble then paint method
Again I'm super impressed with this product and will be placing and order for more.

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