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Default Workbench = Most Useful Thing In Garage

A properly made workbench is the first thing any mechanic needs to have. A bench at the right height and made with some nice sturdy lumber is an absolute must. You simply can't buy a workbench as good as you can easily make one, no way. I don't need to go on about how nice it is to have a workbench, it's a fact that they will save your back and increase your productivity and especially your mood.

I have a really large workbench / table that was built for the purpose of assembling custom doors. This bench has a super thick work top and has a ton of space for working on things. Then a while ago I built a smaller cabinet for my large air compressor that is exactly the same height as the large bench. I lined the inside of the cabinet with sound deadening material and what a nice thing that is to have. I did this as more of a courtesy to my neighbors if anything.

Then this past weekend I was in the right place at the right time with my truck. A friend just happened to be cleaning out his garage when he yanked an old bench out. He offered it to me and I gladly accepted. I didn't realize how sturdy this bench was until we had to pick it up and put it in my truck. I was really impressed with this bench as the builder must have had some experience in the past.

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