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Yeap I'm using my stock W59 transmission. People have applied 400+ hp to this transmission without any failures so I don't want to hear about how it won't take the abuse from a stock 1UZ. I can mill an adapter but I will be working with a company that will make me one for cheap and save the program to machine another one on demand if I decide to sell them

This isn't a complex science and all the talk about bellhousing adapters and such just confuses and scares people. The shaft from the transmission is long enough to spare an inch for the adapters added width.

Now the clutch and flywheel? mmmmm yes yEs this is a hot topic. This is probably my biggest concearn. I want a flywheel that is light and a clutch that is strong. The stock flywheel for the 3rz to W59 has 10 bolts! Is that tough or what? So go ahead and tell me the W59 trans isn't built tough. The thing is connected to a flywheel that Toyota engineered with 10 bolts holding it onto the crank. Yeah, that's what I thought

So I have a flywheel made by OS Giken of Japan coming in the mail right now. It's an 8 bolt which is required for the 1UZ-FE and it is a racing flywheel and comes with a twin clutch. Have you ever heard a Ducati motorcycle with the clutch pulled in? Ducati uses a dry clutch which is outside of the crank case. Just about all motorcycles use a wet clutch that is inside and this is why oil costs more for motorcycles. The clutch runs in the oil inside the engine. Well the Ducati clutch makes noise when you have it pulled in at a stop because the plates rattle against each other since they are loose. This is the same thing that this race clutch will do but when the clutch is released it will clamp down hard enough to hold 1000hp. Not that I need this much force but the design allows me to have it while maintaining driveability.

It should be pretty trick as long as the ring gear mates up with the starter. Yeap the starter is located on the engine beneath the intake manifold. These starters are very high quality so I have no worries about using the one I get with my engine just like it is. I'm not scared of servicing it but why mess with something that ain't broken? They last forever under normal use. My starter on my truck is the original one and you know they use a better built one on the Lexus!

So that is what is all I have to say about the drivetrain for now. I was thinking of having the flywheel bolts welded up and re-drilled to give it a try on the 1UZ but I scored a deal on the OS Giken package. Whichever ring gear lines up is the one I'm using! Thinking about the middle splines for the clutch ring mating to the transmission shaft is going to give me a headache so I'll see when the parts get here. I can always get different clutch plates.
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