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From the Wiki: "In theory the all-alloy version of the W58 should be the exact same strength as any other all-alloy W-Series transmission."

Here is a guy comparing a W58 Hilux transmission to a R150F that he is putting behind his 1UZ down in Australia. The 150 looks pretty beefy. I've never seen them side to side before. And apparently he's showing his bellhousing that he bought from down there as well so this looks like a great (AND SUPER EASY) way to put a Toyota 4wd box behind a 1UZ!

NOTICE: The depth of the bellhousings. This is why I had to go through so much hassle to shorten my W59 bellhousing! This is a HUGE difference and this is why I don't recommend ANYONE attempt to do what I did. I basically just had a lot of fun fabbing mine but the resources (favors from machinists) I had to use were unbelievable. I would have swapped the R150 transmission in my Lexus V8 Tacoma creation without thinking about it twice! Hell I might still change my mind and go this way in the future if my tranny starts showing signs of weakness.

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