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Weeeelllll for some reason this black plastic tank doesn't want to fit on my Aprilia correctly. The shaving I did to make it fit around the hardware on the front end was a bad idea! The plastic was shaved too thin and it developed a crack. I used some 2 part epoxy which is made to bond to plastic bodywork and is sandable. This stuff worked awesome for a month but it began to break down. I applied some more just so I could ride a couple more weeks and now it's time to try a different compound.

A friend of mine that works building prototype vehicles recommended some amazing stuff that he said he has put to the test. I forgot to take a picture of the packaging but I'll be adding that very soon.

As you can see the brown area on the right is where the fuel was working it's way out from under the last plastic bonding agent I used. This is a pretty dangerous area to do this kind of repair since the extra stress from the front bolts are adding stress to this part of the fuel tank. But there was just to much plastic interfering with the front hardware to make it fit without trimming. I have done some more extensive work on the back fuel tank bracket to make it fit but it is at the limit. I would almost have to fabricate some extending mounting brackets for the rear to really get a comfortable mounting position.

My backup plan is a red fuel tank that I have purchased recently in case I can't make the repair work. My last resort is to abandon the black fuel tank as I like the color and it would be a waste.

**Update - Here is the Goop that I tried
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