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So I have been just kicking back riding the bike with the fluorescent rear section on it ever since. I really just don't want to have the carbon fiber on my bike looking like a blinged out wanna-be ride. Plus I don't think I would be able to replace the carbon fiber if something were to happen to it. My bike is getting to be too nice to ride hard almost... but I still gave it a good beating the past weekend without a doubt.

So I was cruising around fleabay and I was watching a tail light assembly that I thought I should buy in preparation for my 2stroke project bike. It's one of the few parts I need to make sure I have when I'm ready to work on it. I found a good deal on an auction and at the last minute I decided to see what else the seller had for sale. Bad move - the guy had a sweeet set of carbon fiber side panels made by Aprilia. Oh man how could I resist? I'm not made of money by any means so it's a good thing I was doing all the work I had waiting for me. The panels definitely cut into my snowboarding budget though. But I had a 10% Ebay coupon and fuel has come down so sharply that I just decided to bid on em.

And here they are:

I really needed the rear light assembly as well so the seller was kind enough to throw them in for me for the minumum bid as no one had bid on them:

** Thank you c-phoenix !! **
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