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Well I got lucky and scored some carbon fiber side fairings from a gentleman on one of the forums. He was kind enough to package them up and ship them out for my early xmas present to myself. The price was too good to pass up. I wasn't out to make a carbon fiber bike but the prices have been falling on this material. I don't know if more people are making more of it or just that no one is buying what has already been made? Oh well better for guys like me. The person I bought mine from said that he bought them because they were cheaper than the factory plastic would have been. Yeah those Aprilia brand part are a ton of money.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is cutting some holes in them to fit them over the sliders on each side! It will just take me an hour to double check the locations and slowly dremel them out.

I think that the structural body of them is composed of Kevlar and then wrapped in carbon fiber. Whatever it is the panels are SUPER lightweight. I was surprised once again by how light this stuff is. I just will be needing to buy new zues type fasteners to secure them. I will be throwing around some ideas in my head for some paint as well. I'll put them on plain just to try them on but I am thinking that I want to put some striping on it to match the rear section somehow.

Cool stuff.
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