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Very good! Save your money and get your wheel turning I say. Well first thing to do it get the bike running. Then you can try and get all the lights working and the other fun stuff. The speedometer is a simple unit that should work if the cable is connected. If the cable is connected correctly and it still doesn't work just unhook it and maybe try to find another one on Ebay - or maybe someone can fix the one you have.

The brakes have nuts on the cables to adjust them I'm sure so you just have to play around with them to figure them out. They should work fine without having to buy new brake pads or anything. They basically last forever unless they are damaged or something. I would just buy 3 quarts of 30wt oil and you'll be fine. You should have a little extra oil leftover I think. Don't buy synthetic. Just buy regular 30wt and you'll be set.

Have a good b-day weekend chief.
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