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Get used to improvising and making things work! Anything is possible and this will just be a little exercise in engine swapping. It looks like nearly every single thing you need for the ignition and electronics is there. Now to make the bike's chassis 12v you will need to do a couple things. You will need to remove all of the components that are for the 6V engine, the stuff that will be replaced by the Lifan 12V stuff. Now it doesn't matter what size the wires are. The wires that are in the bike are fine to run the lights all the same. All of your light bulbs will have to be replaced for sure. Then you need to feed the 12V power from the Lifan equipment into the Honda chassis wires. It's not so hard. You should REALLY make sure you have a decent digital camera and post some pictures when you get stumped. We'll point out which ones you'll need to connect to power the bike up.

You really won't be able to tell exactly what you need to order to make the engine bolt in right now. You'll have to put the engine in and then see how your chain goes around the sprocket - if they even give you a drive sprocket with the engine! You will probably have to buy a sprocket if it doesn't come with one. You can buy a new throttle and cable for cheap to put on the CL70 too. I would be surprised if the cable just connected up the same. You're going to have to just get that engine and tackle every issue one at a time.

I do have a friend who has a CT70 so I could actually go over to his house and measure to see if the engine mounting points are the same as my CL. He will be getting back from vacation next week so I wouldn't have results until Thursday or Friday.
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