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Well all those parts can be put back to stock for not too much $$ so making it run correctly isn't that big of a deal in my opinion. Batteries are super cheap! Probably doesn't need a rectifier unless its missing completely. You can just slap a universal foam filter on the carb easily so that's cheap. These engines run FLAWLESSLY for a long long time as long as the oil level is kept up and the air filter is clean. The only thing that ever needs replacing is anything rubber like oil seals on the shifter and kickstarter. These bikes are really tough and you will get tons of use out of it.

I just can't recommend an engine swap just yet. It's a lot more involved than you think. Unless you really like that power - but you'll have to do some research for the recommended carburetor. I just haven't done a Lifan swap myself because the Honda engines are very high quality and run forever. It's probably a lot easier to repair your 70 engine. I was rebuilding those engines when I was 15 years old and heading for the hills with my friends racing around on them. I would get the 70cc Honda engines and put them in the little 50cc dirtbikes frames and ride the piss out of them. Honda makes very very tough engines.

But of course they don't make those engines cheap and I have read about people swapping in the Lifan engines and they sound and look great. I've never heard of anyone really beating one up and putting one to the test though. If you can take some pictures and post up your progress while you work on putting the Lifan engine in your bike I would be happy to give you some advice on what to do. I'm sure some other guys here would give you some input as well.

I would bet that you would have to modify your chain or buy a new one. I thought they sold those engines with the coils attached to them and with carbs? It sounds like you'll easily have to put another $100 into those parts alone.

Here I found one. This comes with the ignition, carb and just about everything you will need.... it looks like it anyway.

In case the link doesn't work: Item number:250312321541

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