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You'd think there would be a simple circuit or conversion to be able to use with a 2 cylinder. I began by handing tools to my dad and he built up a nice little home shop.I remember him saving his cigarette money so he could buy the Craftsman version of the same device. Dad carefully crafted a complete tool box and roll around "diagnostic" center that held the meter. He made everything from wood and painted it up like the Craftsman tools boxes of the day (early 70's). Bottom cabinet has something like 13 drawers all lined with styrofoam cut outs to hold the tools. It's how he'd always know his son absconded with something. It all sits in his garage today.
Anyway you'd think you could use these devices on our old bikes and if careful you probably can (is it some factor of the 8 cyl scale)- but you still need the specs for whatever you are testing. Cool post, brings some memories.
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