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Default 1973 Micronta Auto Tune-up Analyzer

A friend's father recently passed away, leaving him a home to clean up that looks straight out of a "Hoarders" reality show. There were no vintage motorcycles tucked away, unfortunately, but I did agree to take a 1973 vintage Micronta (Radio Shack) Auto Tune-up Analyzer.

This unit is a typical dwell/tech/vollts/amps meter of the era, with a steel case painted in a ripple-finish black paint. There isn't a spec of dust or a scratch anywhere, and the kit appears to be complete. I haven't tested the volt meter yet, but may do so just to see if it still works. The manual includes tune-up specs for cars 1961 - 1972.

I don't have any cars that use breaker point ignition systems, but I think I'll hold onto this tool in case that changes.

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