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Smithers 05-11-2012 06:59 AM

Time to install some luggage on the KTM
A friend of mine has a Husqvarna TE250 with some bags on the back that will make anyone jealous of. I was lucky enough to borrow the bike the other weekend and found out just how valuable these bags were. It's SO nice to be able to throw anything you might need in them as you hit the trail. It's a no brainer that they make life easy out riding around - anywhere but a motocross track. And yes there is heavy velcro holding these bags along the side of the bike. They've been on the Husky for many years and still work great. They look a little saggy but they function great, don't stick out much and you don't even notice them when riding hard even.

Smithers 05-11-2012 07:01 AM

I had to get some for the KTM400 for sure. I snatched these up off of Ebay for $20 shipped! Great little bags with adjustable straps. I just threw them on this morning to show the possible mounting locations. They are designed to go across the top of your fuel tank which is why they have a hole in the middle of the saddle. I thought they were made for the rear seat area when I first borrowed my friends bike but I couldn't really find anything like it online... then I removed them from the Husky and realized there was a hole for the fuel tank cap! Sneaky!

And on the back:

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